C++: From Beginner to Expert


Save your precious time by buying this course. You will learn how to program in C++ in a fast and easy way!The total length of the course is over 12 hours! You will learn theory and you will also gain lots of practice. During the course we will write many programs that will make you a great programmer.All of this is presented by a young man who shares his knowledge, so the language used can be easily understood by everyone.The course is designed for those who don’t have any prior knowledge about programming. It doesn’t matter if you have never written any programs or you have no idea about programming… After my course all of this will change. You will bust the myth that programming is a difficult thing only for the few!

Who is the target audience?

  • beginner
  • person who wants to understand programming


  • English language
  • Code::Blocks IDE (free)


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