Complete Firebase Tutorial for Android App Development

Complete Firebase Tutorial for Android App Development


Do you want to develop apps without server side coding?

This is the best tutorial for learning how to use all firebase services in Android App Development.

In this complete course you will learn about –

1. Set up firebase in android app.

2. Authentication process using firebase – Signup,Login,Forgot password,OTP login functionalities.

3. Real time database. (Read,Write,Update and Delete operations on data.)

4. Firebase cloud messaging. (Send push notifications for all users.) – for increasing user engagement.

5. Crashlytics – How to track errors and issues in live application and improve app stability.

All concepts are explained with the help of practical examples. One simple note application with creating notes,listing all saved notes for specific user.

Who this course is for:

  • Android developers, Any person interested in android app development
  • Indie developers who want to build apps with firebase.


  • Basic knowledge of android app development

Last updated 8/2019


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