English Vocabulary SAT


Let me share my Vocabulary secrets with you.

Do you find learning English frustrating?

Do you think that English words are hard to pronounce, hard to remember, and and confusing to memorise?

Do you feel nervous when you have to take a test, and overwhelmed by the number or things you have to remember?

What if there was an easy, fun way to remember English Vocabulary?

…you won’t forget what you learned

…you’ll get through the class without PAIN and ANNOYANCE

…you won’t be BORED

Always here to help…YOU

Just like my other courses, I’m always available to answer your questions, or to explain things further, usually within 24 hours; I love to help you achieve YOUR goals.

How is this course different?

There are lots of great courses on SAT. Unfortunately, there are almost no good courses on Vocabulary.

Teachers usually tell you to memorize lists or dictionaries, and it’s a huge time consumer.

In this course, I focus on a different way to learn vocabulary – with pictures.

Scientific Research has shown that you will remember vocabulary the best when you receive visual, audio, and written cues at the same time.

In this Course, you will learn with pictures, head how the vocabulary is pronounced, and see an example of the word in a sentence.

Who’ll benefit?

Who will benefit? Anyone who is taking the SAT, of course.

Anyone who wants to learn English in a PAINLESS way.

Anyone interested in learning QUICKLY, without being confused, tired, or overwhelmed.

Who this course is for:

  • …Anyone who wants to take the SAT test
  • …Anyone who finds English vocabulary DIFFICULT to remember
  • …Anyone thinks English Pronunciation is HARD
  • …Anyone who doesn’t have the TIME to memorize a dictionary


  • Basic English, and a Desire to Learn Quickly and Easily

Last updated 12/2017


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