Facebook Messenger Bots Mastery To Get More Leads & Sales!


In Just 7 Days Learn How To Use Facebook Bots To Explode Your Expert Business!Leverage and Deploy This New Technology Directly Into Your Business, Quickly.

With Facebook Messenger, the marketing potential is huge and the traffic stats are staggering:

  • 17 billion photos sent monthly
  • 380 million stickers sent daily
  • 22 million GIFs sent daily
  • 10% of ALL VoIP calls are sent through Messenger

1 billion messages monthly between consumers and business

Messenger Bot done right can be just incredible, but done wrong can harm your business as you can annoy your potential customers and visitors.

Hi, My Name is Jason Cohen, and I have many clients I help with Messenger Bots for their businesses each day, I get to see there accounts, what there doing right and wrong, so have a unique prospective on how to use Messenger Bots RIGHT to help to increase engagement, generate leads and sales.

Messenger BOTS Can Be Your Entire Marketing Strategy!

Facebook launched “Messenger Ads” in November, 2016 as a way for marketers to communicate directly with people on Facebook in a location and manner they are already comfortable with, Facebook Messenger.

In Mid 2017… messaging app usage has surpassed even social media site usage, so you can see that now may be the right time for your business to embrace Facebook Messenger Ads.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone Who Has The Desire To Learn How To Make Facebook Messenger ChatBots
  • Anyone Who Wants To Grow Their Business
  • Anyone Who Doesnt Want To Rely On Someone Else To Build & Manage Their Bots


  • Internet Connection & Desire to Learn is all that is needed
  • No Coding Experience Needed As No Coding Necessary!

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Source : https://www.udemy.com/how-to-use-facebook-messenger-bots-to-get-qualified-leads/

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