Learn AWS Infrastructure for Production & Intro to Terraform

Learn AWS Infrastructure for Production & Intro to Terraform


If you are looking to boost your career in the field of AWS then you are in the right spot, In this course you will learn how to apply the AWS Concepts to build your Infrastructure from scratch which can handle any production workload and can scale to any number of customers.

I have created this course to help students who are new to AWS understand how the AWS Services work together to host a web application using best practices and a secure 3 tier architecture.

You will learn the most trending and high in demand skill of managing “Infrastructure as Code” using Terraform from basics and I will show you step by step process of how to write your infrastructure as code by creating all the components in our infrastructure using Terraform.

At the end of the course I have also included “Devops using Slack” section which gives you an idea of how you can get visibility in you cloud by using Cloudwatch Alarms, Scaling Policies and SNS topics posting messages to slack.

This course is a complete hands on and I have attached the required resources at the respective sections.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to get a boost to their AWS Career
  • Anyone who wants to understand how AWS is used in the real world


  • AWS Account, Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Basic knowledge about AWS Services and IT Concepts

Last updated 2/2018


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