Practical JavaScript Exercises 2019 : Build Real Projects

Practical JavaScript Exercises 2019 Build Real Projects


JavaScript  practical exercises ,

In this course there are punch of JavaScript exercises, some of them are easy and others are advanced but the most important thing is they are useful, always used in most of big websites besides some of them already used in udemy.

those exercises will help you to move to the next step and know how you can use what you have learned in useful and awesome way.

you are not going to learn tricks in JavaScript only but also you will know some tricks in Bootstrap and CSSwhich used to style the exercises.

each exercise divided into three parts (Promo – HTML structure – JavaScript code) so you can focus on each part.

just  watch the promo video for the exercise then  think of it and try to do it by yourself or even just a little part then you can watch the HTML and JavaScript videos for any help.

so briefly this course is all what you need if you seeking a step forward in JavaScript.

Best of luck.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner front end web developers
  • JavaScript beginners
  • anyone need to take his level in JavaScript to the next level
  • People need practical examples to understand JavaScript more


  • HTML is required
  • CSS is required
  • JavaScript basics
  • Bootstrap basics is preferred

Last updated 4/2019


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