Python Foundation Course in 3 Hours


Python programming including following.

  1. Number and String Variables
  2. Operators
  3. Comparison Operators
  4. Conditional Statements
  5. If, Elif and Else
  6. Loops
  7. Collection and Sequences
  8. List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary
  9. Iterating Sequences using for loop, while and range
  10. Understanding, Writing and Calling Functions
  11. Functions with variable arguments
  12. Creating Lambda Functions
  13. Important String Functions
  14. Functional Programming Filter, Map, Reduce
  15. File IO, Reading, Writing, Appending
  16. Reading and Writing Binary Files
  17. Using With Keyword
  18. Exception Handling
  19. Try, Except, Finally

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners to Expert level Learners
  • Any Programmers who wants to Learn Python quickly
  • Any programmer who wants to learn Data Science or Machine Learning
  • Any Senior Developer or Lead or Architect who wants to know the ease of using Python for any requirement


  • Course is for beginners, so no prior programming knowledge is required.
  • Liclipse IDE or any other IDE is required
Last updated 11/2018


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