Python – Learn the coolest way

Python - Learn the coolest way


ALERT : This moment course looks short but I am busy preparing  a lot of video lectures and some are published daily. So please be assured of getting one of the BEST and most comprehensive courses on Python.

This course  covers all essentials to become proficient in Python. Apart from covering basic programming in python it covers all advanced features of Python.

This course will lift you from bottom to the highest level of Python programming. Learners are highly encouraged to type and execute all the programs.

One of the best Python IDE that is Pycharm has been used to write and execute the code.

Happy Learning !

Who this course is for:

  • Ones who want to learn data sciences, Machine learning and web development using Python.


  • No prerequisites required. This course is for beginners as well for ones who want to brush up coding skills.

Last updated 4/2019


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