RxJava Master Class with MVVM for Android Development

RxJava Master Class with MVVM for Android Development


Hi my friends,

welcome to RxJava Master Class : Learn RxJava for  Android Development .This course designed for android developers with no experience in RxJava and basics knowledge in Kotlin and want to use it in their code.


I am Mahmoud Ramadan ,I am software engineer with 6 years experience in Android Development.I have developed many Android Apps like chatting, video calling, augmented reality and events based apps.I use RxJava daily in my work and I will help you to master it with RxAndroid to be better Android Developer

By end of this course you will learn

  • RxJava Basics
  • RxJava Creation Operators
  • RxJava Filtering Operators
  • RxJava Combining Operators
  • RxJava Transformation Operators
  • RxJava Subjects
  • RxJava with Retrofit
  • RxJava Error handling
  • RxJava with MVVM Design pattern
  • RXJava with repository Design Pattern
  • RxJava with Android Architecture components Like ViewModel,LiveData and Room DataBase

Who this course is for:

  • have no experience in RxJava
  • want to be better android developer
  • want to learn How to use MVVM with Repository Design Pattern with RxJava to architect your Android App


  • have experience in android development
  • have basics of Kotlin Programming language

Last updated 2/2019


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