SQLite : Hands on SQL Training for Beginners

SQLite Hands on SQL Training for Beginners


Unlike MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server SQLite database is a server less database that serves the different purpose altogether. SQLite emphasizes economy, efficiency, reliability, independence, and simplicity.

Use of SQLite:

SQLite database requires no administration so it is best suited for embedded devices and the internet of things.

Why to Learn SQL:

SQL aka Structured Query Language is the most popular database language so it’s use is everywhere whether we talk about Database,Data warehousing,Data Science or BI.Many big companies like Deloitte,Amazon,Netflix etc using this language to retrieve data from database.Important thing needs to understand that,the basic syntax of SQL for all databases is the same, so, if you have mastered SQL on SQLite database , the use of SQL on other databases would not be a problem for you.

SQLite Major Topics:

  • Introduction to SQLite Database
  • Operators in SQL
  • Aggregate Functions in SQL
  • Joins in SQL
  • Sub-query in SQL
  • Analytical functions
  • Triggers in SQL
  • Advanced topics(Case statement,Views,Index,etc)

Another aspect of this course is that not only I am going through all the concepts but also give the practical demonstration by writing SQL queries.The pace of this course is very slow,means,I will emphasize ample time on the subject and will try to cover everything that I can.

Who this course is for:

  • Students/Professionals curious about learning SQL in SQLite Database
  • Professionals who wants to learn SQL for further enhancement of their knowledge and skill sets.


  • No Experience of SQL and database are required
  • All you need a Computer machine; windows, Mac, and Linux users are all welcome
  • Tools:SQLite Studio/ SQLite Db Browser

Last updated 8/2019


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