The Complete SQL Server DBA Bootcamp: Beginner To Expert

The Complete SQL Server DBA Bootcamp Beginner To Expert


Learn to become an SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) and become a Junior DBA.

This course is for anybody who wants to become a SQL Server Junior DBA but don’t now what skills or steps to take.

Nearly every company needs a DBA and usually they need a SQL Server DBA. To become a good DBA, you need technical,communication and problem solving skills.

In this course I will cover how to be a DBA and you will learn the same skills no matter which version of SQL Server you use.

It would be ideal that you watch my free courses to help you learn faster and the free courses are  called

This step by step approach will be as follows

  • Learn all the concepts of installing and configuring SQL Server
  • Gain knowledge on how to secure a SQL Server and Database
  • Learn how to backup and restore a database
  • How to performance tune and troubleshoot a SQL Server
  • Learn T-SQL skills to be an amazing DBA

This your first steps to becoming a DBA, let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to become a SQL Server Database Administrator (SQL Server DBA)


  • Internet Access

Last updated 7/2019


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